Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brad's 30th Birthday

My Bradley turned 30 on April 24th...we however celebrated on the 23rd!! His mom planned a little family get together at Pole Position.... No its not a strip club -hehe- Its a raceway - like really really fast go carts!! It was so much fun!! I couldn't believe how fast you went -- and you had to wear some serious head gear that made you super sweaty... Well me being the space cadet that I am forgot to charge up the battery for the camera...so I only have a few pics of family and cake I took with my iphone...so they aren't the best - sorry.

Brad & His Dad
His Mom, Him & Sister 
the cake

We also got the picture that his sister Rebecca made for us for Christmas of our 3 little fur-kids!!! I just love it oh.so.much!!! Very Creative!!!



Iva said...

Happy 30th to Brad!


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