Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skedee, Oklahoma

Have you heard of it??? I'm sure you haven't ....this is where it is located... 

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It's not on any major highway .....and according to Wikipedia it's town's total area is 0.1 square mile!!

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That is a small town!!!

Now why would I blog about this little town w/ the average annual income is $17,000... Well I was telling my friend over at Thoughts Right Now  that I thought old abandoned properties were interesting with all the history that is occasionally left behind. She then told me about this website called Abandoned Oklahoma

Again you'r probably still wondering why Skedee out of all the places on that website ...well I've been there...ONCE!! When I was going to school in Stillwater, OK -about 1999- we would go on country road drives....we would find a dirt road (which was easy to do) and just take it out of town...sometimes ending up in Kansas w/o even realizing in until we found a major HWY and headed back home.  Well one time on a drive we had to stop b/c there was a cow in the middle of the we inched around it we noticed the small town so we drove down the one street that contained houses just looking we drove by this one house a pig....YES A PIG...comes running out of a driveway chasing us like a dog would!!! And that is why I remember Skedee, Oklahoma!!!

this was the school at one time
If you look that check # 637 was dated in 1970!!!
I think this is an awesome photograph!!

To see the rest of the photos from Skedee go here.




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