Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bad start to the weekend....

One bonus to this new daytime schedule that I have rec'd is that every other  weekend I have 4 days off in a row!!! So for instance I work Wed - Sat 2 days then work Tues - 4 days then repeat....Have I confused you yet... anyways this is my first weekend to have the 4 days off in a row and it has started off pretty freakin crappy.!!!

Last night my friend Jessica and I had planned to go to a bar on campus to have a few beers and talk...her and I can talk about ANYTHING and everything and I am truly sad right now b/c she is having to move in 2 weeks to Indiana due to her hubby's I'm trying to cram some extra Jess time in....Well I ended up having to end last night early b/c I had a massive migraine and thought I may die!! I was so freakin pissed at myself...not that I could help it but it was WAY noisy where we were and the drinks were not helping the situation and I just wanted my bed. So I mentioned her coming over tonight since Brad was working til 11. Well I woke up today my head was better but not perfect and I felt really woozy and weak...So after I ate I went back to bed and I still feel like crap!!! Not only did I have my Jess plans but I had fun errand plans today to that I did not get to accomplish...I was looking forward to taking my car to get for a new little rug for in front of my kitchen sink...running to know fun I'm laying on the couch feeling like crap!! ugh!! So bummed out...even when I try that whole positive thinking its not getting me anywhere... Thank goodness Jess is able to meet me on Monday for sushi happy.hour!!

Well I think I'm going to hop in a hot shower and see if that helps...wish me luck!



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