Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm one of those....

One of those crazy dog people that loves to dress my little fur.babies up and then take their pictures!!

The shirt says it all.....
"what the heck mom....are you serious"
"alright take your picture"

Casey Duke ....aka Chubbs... Lives for cookies (dog biscuits) so much so that we actually can not say the work "cookie" in our house unless we are serious about giving him one. The code letters are "C-O".....So when I came across this t.shirt at target I just had to get it for him!!!

"Only because I love you mom...I will pose perfectly for this picture"

Cooper is my very first dog in my adult life. I've had him since he was about 10 wks old (he is now 10 1/2yrs) and his goal in life is to be next to me and does whatever I ask of him. He is my soul puppy!

My dogs are my children...deal with it! :O)

Toodle - oo!


Anonymous said...

Awe! My dogs are my children too! I love them OH so Much!

We have banned the words: Hot Dogs, meat, Treat, Greenie, Bone, Walk, and Bye Byes from our house... We must spell them out if we discuss them... If you say them.. then you are asking for a puppy stampede!

agalandherdog said...

Haha! I dress my dogs up too. I can't help it. They look so cute.


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