Friday, April 30, 2010


So as you may know from a past post my work schedule has changed from 4p-1a to 9-5. Most people would love this...I however am not a fan!! I have completed my 3rd day and so far I am miserable!! I hate HATE waking up in the body won't let me fall asleep until around midnight...I am not happy getting ready in the morning...then I feel like I am just stumbling around in a daze for most of the day and then its time to come home.

And I'm Cranky!!

I dislike change of any sort and not only have my hours completely flip flopped but I am sitting at a different desk w/ different people with different ways of doing things.... I don't know where anything is or where the phone numbers are listed and such...I don't even know how to get in touch w/ doctors the right way...on my other shift you would just call then answering service or page whichever doctors are on call for that I'm working standard business hours and you contact the actual doctor they are frustrating!! Not to mention all the mangers are there all day long....ugh!! I also dislike the fact that I come home from work and have to do stuff....I really enjoyed being able to get up whenever I wanted... run around... clean up the house do a load of laundry or two and then go to work...come home watch what I wanted/recorded relax and go to bed...........blah now its nothing like that at all... I don't know when I'm going to get to watch all my DVR shows...I really am wanting to watch last nights Private Practice but Brad is in there watching whatever...ugh!!!    

A Frustrated & Cranky


Aly said...

I feel your pain. I just started my first real job since graduating from college and my hours are 9-5. I love it because it is a set schedule, but it does make it really hard to stay up- and lets not even talk about waking up early in the am!


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