Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day vs Night

So things are changing...this bad economy has finally hit lil o' Norman. The ER doctors have decided to cut back one of the doctors shifts because our census has been low over the past few months. So since my doctors shift (4p-1a) is the main one affected I was a bit nervous about my job.....well thankfully I did not lose my job but it has completely changed....My current shift is 4p-1a Thur -Sunday . I am now going to 9-5 rotating every other weekend off. Most people would love this shift...I on the other hand am a bit disappointed...I really love working nights!! The people and atmosphere are soooooo....much different!! Not just staff but also the patients are different. At night you get a lot more crazy drunks and weird situations then you do during the daytime hours. But it won't be forever I hopefully will be going back to school in the fall and  I will have to change my schedule and who knows what will happen then...only time will tell.



Michele said...

I understand completely about the whole schedule changing thing. I was SOOOOO happy with my schedule and my little "family" at the HealthPlex. I too think they are freaking out abouth things a little too early. Hopefully it will all work out. I twill be great to see you more during the daytime hours though.
Michele B


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