Thursday, April 22, 2010


So we had to say good.bye to some more trees last weekend. As some of you know we were hit hard about 3 winters ago with an insane ice storm. After that storm we removed 3 trees from the front yard and one from the side of the house along w/ one from the back yard. Well we again had an ugly snow storm this year and we had to remove more trees from the front and one more is going to have to go but the electric company will have to remove it since the branches pretty much rest on a wire.Here are pictures in order from the first very bad ice storm to this year and then to last weekend with them removing the last of the crooked pine tress.

Ice Storm '07 Front Yard
Ice Storm '07 Front Yard
Ice Storm '07 Side Yard
Snow Storm '09/10 Front Yard
Spring '10 Coming Down

little bit sad...but they had to go....



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