Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Switching Time

When Karen Overhill first walked into psychiatrist Richard Baer's office in 1989, she voiced problems that mental health workers become accustomed to hear. She said that she was depressed and harbored thoughts of suicide. What emerged, however, over the next weeks, months, and years would lead both Dr. Baer and Karen down uncharted roads, exposing a wounded psyche intent on healing itself and the 17 personalities she had created to do so. Switching Time is the first story on multiple personality disorder told directly by the treating physician, and Dr. Baer doesn't squander the precedent. An engrossing first-person view of a rare psychological malady.

At first I didn't like this book b/c I felt as though the doctor (also the author) focused a little bit too much on himself. After he revealed to Karen that she had multiple personalities then it got good...they even figured out a way to integrate the personalities back into herself. Very interesting!!



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