Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Wrong Mother

Sally Thorning is watching the news with her husband when she hears an unexpected name-Mark Bretherick. It's a name she shouldn't know, but last year Sally treated herself to a secret vacation-away from her hectic family life-and met a man. After their brief affair, the two planned to never meet again. But now, Mark's wife and daughter are dead-and the safety of Sally's own family is in doubt. 

I will admit that I totally judged this book by the cover!! Who wouldn't!! I happen to see it at Target one day and read just that lil bit I posted above and decided to buy it. This book seemed so much longer then it was and not b/c it was boring by any means....but b/c it was so jammed packed with action. Like within the first 20 pages the main character gets pushed in front of a bus!! Great psychological thriller!!!!! 

5 out of 5 bookmarks!!  

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skedee, Oklahoma

Have you heard of it??? I'm sure you haven't ....this is where it is located... 

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It's not on any major highway .....and according to Wikipedia it's town's total area is 0.1 square mile!!

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That is a small town!!!

Now why would I blog about this little town w/ the average annual income is $17,000... Well I was telling my friend over at Thoughts Right Now  that I thought old abandoned properties were interesting with all the history that is occasionally left behind. She then told me about this website called Abandoned Oklahoma

Again you'r probably still wondering why Skedee out of all the places on that website ...well I've been there...ONCE!! When I was going to school in Stillwater, OK -about 1999- we would go on country road drives....we would find a dirt road (which was easy to do) and just take it out of town...sometimes ending up in Kansas w/o even realizing in until we found a major HWY and headed back home.  Well one time on a drive we had to stop b/c there was a cow in the middle of the we inched around it we noticed the small town so we drove down the one street that contained houses just looking we drove by this one house a pig....YES A PIG...comes running out of a driveway chasing us like a dog would!!! And that is why I remember Skedee, Oklahoma!!!

this was the school at one time
If you look that check # 637 was dated in 1970!!!
I think this is an awesome photograph!!

To see the rest of the photos from Skedee go here.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm one of those....

One of those crazy dog people that loves to dress my little fur.babies up and then take their pictures!!

The shirt says it all.....
"what the heck mom....are you serious"
"alright take your picture"

Casey Duke ....aka Chubbs... Lives for cookies (dog biscuits) so much so that we actually can not say the work "cookie" in our house unless we are serious about giving him one. The code letters are "C-O".....So when I came across this t.shirt at target I just had to get it for him!!!

"Only because I love you mom...I will pose perfectly for this picture"

Cooper is my very first dog in my adult life. I've had him since he was about 10 wks old (he is now 10 1/2yrs) and his goal in life is to be next to me and does whatever I ask of him. He is my soul puppy!

My dogs are my with it! :O)

Toodle - oo!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lazy day...

Nothing to watch on energy to do anything! Blah! What to do..what to do..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seahorses Forevea!

Someone up at work shared this video and it spread around the ER like fire...It is the funniest thing ever!! And I can't believe that I have not shared it on with you guys as well..... Drinking out of Cups...the story behind it is that some friends were together tripping acid and one of them went into a closet and just started rambling to himself...his friends then recorded it and then added animation.

I love this video - I have it saved on my favorites on my iPhone and watch it whenever I have a bad day!!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010


According to Sketchers website the Shape-Ups are suppose to get you fit while you walk work shop and more!! However you don't look very cool doing it!! I have heard people rave about how comfortable these shoes are and they might very well be ....but I think they are soooooo....freakin ugly!!! And I've seen people walk in them and the like almost bounce around its sooooo weird. Now if I were to spend over 100.00 on some tennis shoes that are suppose to help tone my ass while doing daily chores then I think I would go with the Reebok Easy-Tone  version .... they look so much more normal!!


However this is what their website said about how their shoes work to tone you....

Reebok uses unique balance pods with moving air built into the shoe that provide natural instability with every step, which forces your muscles to adapt and work harder.

Provides NATURAL INSTABILITY....thats the part that frightens me!! I am already naturally instable running into door frames and knocking my knees on the coffee table and stubbing my toes tripping over Brads shoes...I don't think I need any additional assistance in that department ...and if you know me personally at all I am sure that you would agree!!

What are your thoughts on these type of shoes...have anyone of you tried them?? 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Safe & Sound

As many of you know and or experienced ....we were hit with an outbreak of tornadoes here in Oklahoma last night. One of which hit about five miles away from us and luckily to the east of us....they usually travel in a west to east direction which put us in the all clear..... However not everyone was as lucky as we were and my prayers go out to you. The tornado actually traveled along the route that we take from our house to Brad's mom's house in Shawnee Oklahoma down highway 9. The areas in Norman that were hit were near HWY9 & Classen... I actually lived in apartments near there about 6yrs ago (I don't believe they were damaged other then down trees and such.) I had many friends without power for sometime but all got it back by the end of the night. 

The weird eerie thing about tornadoes...I how the sun comes out so quickly after it has past or how you can be so close and experience near to nothing....we experienced high winds (which has been going on all month) and just a little bit of rain and a few rumbles of hail or crazy flooding downpour.  Well here are some pictures I managed to steal from the interwebs including some of my very own facebook friends b/c I have yet to venture out of my house.

Hail that fell in Moore, OK
just North of us
I can't say for sure but these look like Hampton Woods 
Apartments which was next to my old complex.
Neighborhood on the east side of Norman 
thanks Jon for this pic & the next 

Country Boy grocery store on HWY9 east of Norman
thanks Jenny for this picture!!

I was hoping to find pictures of the Thunderbird Boat Marina b/c it was a mess!!! But no such luck! 

Monday, May 10, 2010


My friend Jessica stated that when 3 people reply to my facebook post regarding having a bad day at work by suggesting to bring me a diet coke....that I may have a problem....bahahahaha!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lavender Vanilla Love

I'm not a big fan of lavender or vanilla when they are on their own but put them together and mmm...good!! I have used and suggest using the following products if you too also enjoy this scent as well.

Now I am a Yankee candle whore....but I LOVE this candle as much as any Yankee!!

This product is actually the item that prompted this blog. I usually get the Yankee thingy for the bedroom - but they don't have ALL the different scents in the as they do in the candles -- so I was grocery shopping and decided to pick this up for our bedroom and I love LOVE it!! You can turn the smell to high or low...we have it on low... and it is such a pleasant continuous smell for the bedroom!!!! I highly suggest it!! 


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bad start to the weekend....

One bonus to this new daytime schedule that I have rec'd is that every other  weekend I have 4 days off in a row!!! So for instance I work Wed - Sat 2 days then work Tues - 4 days then repeat....Have I confused you yet... anyways this is my first weekend to have the 4 days off in a row and it has started off pretty freakin crappy.!!!

Last night my friend Jessica and I had planned to go to a bar on campus to have a few beers and talk...her and I can talk about ANYTHING and everything and I am truly sad right now b/c she is having to move in 2 weeks to Indiana due to her hubby's I'm trying to cram some extra Jess time in....Well I ended up having to end last night early b/c I had a massive migraine and thought I may die!! I was so freakin pissed at myself...not that I could help it but it was WAY noisy where we were and the drinks were not helping the situation and I just wanted my bed. So I mentioned her coming over tonight since Brad was working til 11. Well I woke up today my head was better but not perfect and I felt really woozy and weak...So after I ate I went back to bed and I still feel like crap!!! Not only did I have my Jess plans but I had fun errand plans today to that I did not get to accomplish...I was looking forward to taking my car to get for a new little rug for in front of my kitchen sink...running to know fun I'm laying on the couch feeling like crap!! ugh!! So bummed out...even when I try that whole positive thinking its not getting me anywhere... Thank goodness Jess is able to meet me on Monday for sushi happy.hour!!

Well I think I'm going to hop in a hot shower and see if that helps...wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brad's 30th Birthday

My Bradley turned 30 on April 24th...we however celebrated on the 23rd!! His mom planned a little family get together at Pole Position.... No its not a strip club -hehe- Its a raceway - like really really fast go carts!! It was so much fun!! I couldn't believe how fast you went -- and you had to wear some serious head gear that made you super sweaty... Well me being the space cadet that I am forgot to charge up the battery for the I only have a few pics of family and cake I took with my they aren't the best - sorry.

Brad & His Dad
His Mom, Him & Sister 
the cake

We also got the picture that his sister Rebecca made for us for Christmas of our 3 little fur-kids!!! I just love it!!! Very Creative!!!



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