Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a weenier!!!

I don't know what has come over Charlie but he is scared of everything lately...Earlier today he wouldn't even walk by the empty bag of dog food w/o sputtering across the floor as he passed by w/ my assistance. Now Brad has thrown his toy down the hall...which we have done a million times b/f however this time he won't go and get it.... not sure if its b/c the hallway is dark or b/c he has to go by the scary room... the scary room is also known as the dining room and the vacuum monster also lives in the closet of that room...Below is a photo I took just now of Charlie sneaking up to the shadows of the hallway looking at his toy ....yet too big of a weenie dog to get it himself... what a weenier!!



lindyc said...

he is such a lil dork!! but soo cute heh tess gets that way about stuff too. like shes horrified if i move the beanbag around. and im sure if my vacuum was in my apt she would go no where near where it was hidden.

we have silly doggies heh :)

lindyc said...



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