Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's 3:42am what are you doing...

So kind of you to ask... Well I am currently sitting in the ER working an additonal shift..bored out of my skull which has been throbbing with pain ever since I walked in here 9hrs ago!!! So far I'v completed about 10 puzzles on the National Geograhic website ... Since that is one of the few entertaining websites that the IT Nazis have NOT blocked for our viewing pleasure .... Thank god for my iPhone so that I am still able to check in with my facbook peeps every couple of hours...oh and write this lovely lil blog for your entertainment.

So we just had a discussion on weird food habits..for example mine is that I don't like crust or the outside of something as much as I like the center...therfore I will eat the all around the outside of my hamburger, sandwich, hot pocket or whatever and save the middle for last bc it's the best part. One of the girls I work with stirs her drinks bf drinking bc she doesn't like uneven tempatured drinks... Thought that one was interesting... What about you are there any weird food.isms that's you have?!?


Carly Jane said...

I can not drink water unless I have a straw or a bottle with the pop top.

I also have to have katchup on my eggs!!

Lopez said...

so we are completely on different time schedules, however, sometime in the future when you have a day off and are craving lunch with an old friend, give me a buzz...we need to catch up!


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