Sunday, November 8, 2009

Before technology ruled the world

Remember when life was simple.....think hard....before bills, dvrs, cell phones and HD....think about when your biggest worry in life was remembering your phone number just in case you got lost...or making sure you didn't color outside the lines.... Sometimes when I'm having a hard time falling asleep at night I try to conjure up as many childhood memories as possible...its amazing what you can remember sometimes...well I was looking up vintage pictures or something and I came across a picture of a game I had when I was a little Reese and decided that would be a great blog idea.....and so it begins...

Toys from my childhood

this was the pic that sparked the blog....Hungry Hungry Hippo
I always would loose the marbles

I personally didn't have this toy but I recall playing with it in the church nursery

Man I thought I was hot shit on my big wheel!!
(i actually had a barbie one but couldn't find a picture)

loved my little pony...I still remember how they smelled - weird i know

I had a crazy flashback when I saw this - completely forgot about it!!
My bff Chris had one of these....I could play with this forever!

I know this pic is small but it was the only one I could find
My exact lunch box when I was in the first grade!!
Oh the memories!
Oh teddy ruxpin how I loved you and I think my mom still has you!! 

I would sick my lil miss make-up doll in the freezer to get her make-up to come on...and I think I buried one of my goldfish in her make up case in the backyard.

My love of dogs started at a young age :O)

These are just a few of my favorite toys growing up....look at how simple they were I think Teddy Ruxpin is the only one that required batteries.... What were your favorite toys growing up as a child??? Would love to hear about them!! And stay tuned for other 80's flashbacks .....


lindyc said...

wow i guess i have drank tooo much beer in my life cuz im struggling to remember stuff.

i know i loved she.ra and i had the castle. and the horses and lots of stuff.

i was always a barbie girl. i loved dressing them up and we had the townhouse and i would make elaborate houses outside or in my rooms.

we played monopoly alot. and tho i didnt pay our Nintendo much. i just watched cuz i rarely got a chance.

i read alot. nancy drew and the hardy boys. sweet valley. babysitters club. and then i got into stephen king and stuff like that.

i was kind. and im still am a geek :)

Sessa said...

I just stumbled across your blog because I saw the little Audrey Hepburn on another blog and was all "Hey! Someone likes Audrey Hepburn! Must click blog!"

And then I read this post, and I'm convinced I could pick out the smell of My Little Pony too.

Your post was a nice little nostalgic trip. I enjoy!


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