Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yes To....


So the skin on my face is freaking out!!! This happens whenever we start to have a weather change. I get these lovely lil red patches of super dry skin ...its just fabulous. So while I was at work today I decided to go online and see if I could find something at Walgreen's to pick up on the way home.... kinda like a VO5 treatment for my face... so I came across this...

Yes To Cucumbers  Calm Care Soothing Facial Mask

We all need an extra boost from time to time. Our Aloe and Cucumber Soothing Facial Mask delivers a gentle moisture boost to tired, sensitive skin.
This super-charged, nutrient-rich mask leaves your skin soft, silky and completely cushioned. Who could ask for more! 

It had 3 very positive reviews so I went and got it and LOVE IT!! I just washed my face and already I can feel a difference. And I love the way it smells!! I would totally recommended to anyone!!

Walgreen's just happened to have a special that if you bought any Yes To product that cost more then 8.00 or something then you got a free Lip Butter -- Heck Ya!! since my lips are falling off too!!! So I picked this up this lil beauty in melon flavor, a value of $3.64.

A girl can never have too many chap sticks!!! And so far I love it!!! Now I am a burts bee fan true and blue but I would have to say that Yes To Carrots is my next favorite. My bff Lindy gave me one of these awhile back ago and I use it all the time as well.....

Its a nice change to plain jane chap stick :O) called....

C Me Blush Lip Tint 
Enhance your natural look with these sheer, alluring shades that work with every skin tone.

All these and many more can be found at your local Walgreen's and Target or you can check out their website.


lindyc said...

i LOVE yes to carrots! i have the same mask thinggie but in the carrots version. its for normal to oily skin. i lovess it! feels awesome. i hope it helps you out! <3

Cheryl said...

Ugh, I hate changing seasons. I get the same thing. Drives me INSANE.

lindyc said...

sooo my blogger says you have a new blog but i cant see it. what gives?? i need my daily dose of reese!



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