Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To see or NOT to see....

So I went to the eye doctor about 3 wks ago only to find out for the first time that you are not suppose to focus when your reading that eye chart....who knew!!! Which in turn means I'm blinder then I thought or knew....GREEAAAAAAAAAT!!! So I decided to try for contacts this go around...and 3wks have gone by and I'm not sure if I can do this!! I've finally...almost...as long as I'm in a good mood...have mastered putting them into my eyeballs. The only problem now is my eyes itch, itch, itch and are super dry no matter how many drops I put in there. And when they get dry then I can't see shit...ugh! I just don't know if I am made for contacts. My cousin suggested getting some sensitive eye solution b/c I may be allergic to something in the regular stuff...So that I still have yet to try - blah!! 

I then went to the eye glasses store in the mall to see how much it would be to get new lens put in my current frames and they said it would be $200.00 just for lens!!! I really like my frames and I have and do not see a point in changing but it seems like it would be cheaper to buy all new fames and lens b/c then they offer a discount. 

Well time to get ready for another fun filled day at work!!!


Wishing I was on Staycation!

Monday, August 9, 2010


So I began to start to look up some stuff to blog about....then I decided to mess around w/ my layout... and well an hour or so has passed and now I'm sleepy.... Ugh! I'm not that satisfied w/ this layout so I'm sure I will change it again in the near future...like tomorrow!

Anyways does anyone have any suggestions for an itchy doggie?? Charlie Bean my mini doxie is super itchy and dry and I'm not sure how to cure it. Love to hear some suggestions!!

Until We Meet Again....

OMG!! I am so annoyed!!! why does it show all my post twice???? In my layout it has two boxes for blog post and it will not let me delete so I just have one!! HELP!


I'm the smartest person alive!!! Had to go through the HTML code crap and find it and remove it!! ugh that was annoying....ok good night for reals!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This summer has been a real scorcher here in Oklahoma. It seems like its is either raining or steamy hot outside. Yesterday I went a laid out for the first time this summer at my mom's apartment pool and I got there about 10:45 and it was already hot, hot, hot!! I wanted to get there kinda early one b/c they had mentioned a heat advisory for this weekend and two to hopefully avoid the families and kids since it was a Saturday. Well I was successful on both but man I could not believe how freakin hot it was!! I had to get into the pool about every 10-15 min to cool off.

Lindy and I have also been trying to walk a lot this last month since she moved in behind me and we always go around 11pm at night b/c even then its still around 85-90* outside. I was actually surprised how many other people we see walking or running that time of night just to avoid the heat. Last night I was looking at the weather on my phone and it was 90* at midnight but felt like 98* w/ humidity at 56% .....Thats nuts!!

I hope we actually have a fall season since we didn't really have spring....I'm ready for some cooler....not cold....weather.



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