Sunday, August 1, 2010


This summer has been a real scorcher here in Oklahoma. It seems like its is either raining or steamy hot outside. Yesterday I went a laid out for the first time this summer at my mom's apartment pool and I got there about 10:45 and it was already hot, hot, hot!! I wanted to get there kinda early one b/c they had mentioned a heat advisory for this weekend and two to hopefully avoid the families and kids since it was a Saturday. Well I was successful on both but man I could not believe how freakin hot it was!! I had to get into the pool about every 10-15 min to cool off.

Lindy and I have also been trying to walk a lot this last month since she moved in behind me and we always go around 11pm at night b/c even then its still around 85-90* outside. I was actually surprised how many other people we see walking or running that time of night just to avoid the heat. Last night I was looking at the weather on my phone and it was 90* at midnight but felt like 98* w/ humidity at 56% .....Thats nuts!!

I hope we actually have a fall season since we didn't really have spring....I'm ready for some cooler....not




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