Monday, August 9, 2010


So I began to start to look up some stuff to blog about....then I decided to mess around w/ my layout... and well an hour or so has passed and now I'm sleepy.... Ugh! I'm not that satisfied w/ this layout so I'm sure I will change it again in the near tomorrow!

Anyways does anyone have any suggestions for an itchy doggie?? Charlie Bean my mini doxie is super itchy and dry and I'm not sure how to cure it. Love to hear some suggestions!!

Until We Meet Again....

OMG!! I am so annoyed!!! why does it show all my post twice???? In my layout it has two boxes for blog post and it will not let me delete so I just have one!! HELP!


I'm the smartest person alive!!! Had to go through the HTML code crap and find it and remove it!! ugh that was annoying....ok good night for reals!


lindyc said...

i like this new layout alottt!!

i saw the 2 post thing but i thought maybe it was just me. being on a silly mac. sometimes stuff shows up wonky. or maybe i am wonky. who knows haha!

Booger said...

I don't like the layout... just being honest :-)

Lopez said...

Dear Reese:

the layout looks good; however, your bio descrip says you are in your last few weeks of your 20's.

Lies! All Lies!!! We left the 20's behind and are starting the best decade eeeevvvvveeeeerrrrr!!!!


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