Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charlie's Bio

For my readers that do not get the Oklahoma Gazette here is Charlie Bean's Bio that will be published in the Gazette on May 6th.

My Name : Charlie Bean
My Owners Name: Brad & Theresa
Hometown: Norman, OK
My Race "Hander" - (who will be on the track with me): My Papa Brad
Family members and friends: I have two fur-brothers Casey and Cooper and I have a fur-friend named Lula.
Favorite activities: I love playing fetch, looking out the window.
Why I want to be in the race and how I will prepare: I want to prove that I am the fastest wiener in the west!! I have been preparing for this race by running with my papa and also running as fast as I can when I play fetch.


I am a 1yr old black/tan 13lb mini doxie. I live in Norman Oklahoma with my mama, papa and my two older fur-brothers Casey and Cooper. My brothers and I like to run around the backyard with our fur-neighbor Lula and I'm always the fastest!! I love to make mama play fetch with me! I even bring back the ball and set it next to her on the couch so she will throw it for me. I like to hang out at the local dog park and go swimming in our backyard pool durning the summer. Last year I attended the doxie dash as a spectator and I am super excited to be participating in it for the first time this year.


mandy said...

awww...very cute :)

Carly Jane said...

So cute. I make sure I get the Gazette each week and will make it a point to get it first thing on the 6th. I wanna see Charlie. Congrats.
Charlie im your #1 Fan! Can I get an autograph please?? :)

Lopez said...

That is so cute!!!

Good Luck, Mr. Charlie Bean!!!


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