Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Lets see this week is going to rock b/c I'm only working a day and half.... YIPPY - I took off tomorrow night for the OU game -- GO SOONERS!! -- then I work on Friday and off on Sat again for a wedding and it turns out to be one of my bff's b.days as luck would have it so I hope to hang w/ her Saturday night.

So I have to figure out something w/ Charlie. He seems to get bored when he's in his house (crate) on the days that Brad and I work and are gone most of the day. He has ripped up 3beds. The last one was a down pillow, which was a mess there were little feathers EVERYWHERE! So against Brad's advise I got him another pillow for his house today and tomorrow when I go to work I'm going to try something new - One I'm going to try my very bestest to walk him 30 min b/f work -- Cesar from dog whisper says and hour but since he's so little I'm only going to do 30min and see how that goes. -- I am also going to put cream cheese in his kong toy and hope that keeps him occupied while we are gone. I will update you on his progress.

So my new thing lately is to bake cookies - don't know why but it is - last week i made chocolate chip and this week I am making sugar w/ butter cream frosting or something like that. I find it fun and now I have time to do that and my other chores. :) Next I think I might make some blueberry muffins or a cake. (BTW I make them from scratch no box stuff here )

New shows that have my attention - Manhunters on A&E. Its where the U.S. Marshalls go and hunt down and capture the bad people - I love it - Roxy is my hero (shes the only chick). Life and times of Tim - is on HBO and the season has ended but you may be able to catch it in reruns - its just a random dumb cartoon about Tim and these weird situations that he gets into. You just have to see it. Nip/Tuck has been recorded new season started last night but I have yet to watch it but I'm sure it will be good. Oh and I can't forget The City on MTV. Whitney's spin off from the Hills - yep I ain't scared to admit I watch it... HA!

Well thats all for now!


Jaimie and Andy said...

I love The City. Love it, Love it, Love it. I would love to hear your thoughts on Olivia, too!!!

I hope that your cream cheese theory works on Charlie...and that he likes his new pillow!

Finally...cookies. Let's have some pictures of your baking creations! I love it when I go through my 'baking' stage...where i want to bake everything all the time...right now i'm back in my 'reading' stage...I bet Andy would like it if i went straight to a 'cooking' stage...but i just don't see that happening.

the sweetest girl you know said...

You go, girl! If you ever need a taste tester on your baked goods, I'm your girl!


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