Saturday, January 24, 2009

Talk About Hitting the Fan

So I just got home from day 2 out of 4 work days --- yes I made the mistake of trading work days w/ the other girl that works 12hrs so that she could go to Dallas for the weekend, which means I'm working 4/12's in a row .... ugh I need to learn to say "NO"


First off I came to the conclusion that yesterday was National Ride In an Ambulance Day. We got hit w/ 30 ambulances from 7a -7p (including one med.flight). 11 of those I personally receipted within 2 hrs. I was so thankful when 3pm came around so I could go to the front desk. And they just kept coming in all night long both from the front and back.

So today I pull into work and already see 3 ambulances in the bay and think -- I can't do it again. I come in pull up the tracker and its not bad at all. If fact the day was so slow I ended up reading a bit of my book. Everything was peaceful until about 10pm. Then as the old saying goes.....

The shit hit the fan!

We got slammed.... we had 18 patients check in with in 56 min! And 7 of them were ambulances!! There was a car wreck that brought in most of them and then a dog bite and some other things I don't even know to be honest.

Well anyways I only have two interesting stories to come from all of these people - you would think that I would have more...right?

~ Yesterday there was a motorcycle accident a guy and his wife were on the motorcycle and either they pulled out in front of a car or the car pulled out into the intersection in front of them - I didn't get the whole story but anyways this girl was freaking lucky!!! She was the passenger on the back of the bike and she was NOT wearing a helmet!! The paramedics said that she was found 2oft from the accident and all she had was road rash!! Thats it!! Can you believe it!! No broken bones - no head injuries!!! She walked out of there. She was actually the med.flight that we had come in. However I heard that her husband was not as lucky -- he got med.flight to OU Medical, which is usually not good.

Side note: We are a level 2 trauma center. There is only one level 1 trauma center in the state of Oklahoma which is OU medical so for him to be sent there means it was probably pretty bad.

~ So I mentioned earlier that there was a dog bite that was brought into tonight and it was pretty bad. I guess it was a pit and the kid was 8 and it was their dog. I don't know what happened to cause the dog to attack but I do know the injuries.

I hate dog bites b/c I'm such a dog lover...and we've had a alot lately.

All his injuries were to his left arm. he had about 4 deep puncture wounds. One of which the Dr. stated was so deep it appeared that the dogs tooth scratched the bone. His arm was broken in away that the bones were overlapping each other. They were going to have to put him under so the Ortho. doctor could go in an clean it REALLY good. With doge bites you always worry of infection b/c of all the germs in their mouth. And since these bites were so deep there is a risk of infection in the bone. And the amazing thing is, is that this kid was not crying at all -- I remember when my dog bit me when I was trying to break up a fight and I had to go to the ER and I was bawling and hyperventilating and everything --- and I was 20 years old --- this kid was freaking 8!!

Well I'm off to sleep....maybe I'll have something exiting in over the weekend.


Lopez said...

Oooo...what book are you reading??
So, your job sounds so effing cool, Reese...action packed, interesting stories--I love it!!


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