Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So as you know we got hit w/ a lovely snow/ice storm the last two days. And I have been lucky enough to have it happen during my scheduled days off.


Both yesterday and tonight they have tried to call me into work which pisses me the fuck off. If I was scheduled to work I would be there. I went to work during the last ice storm, made it there on time AND had no power for 3 of those days at my house. Well now since everyone else decided to call in they are trying to get me to come in. BUT we have PRNs -- those are peeps that are on call and are who you call to cover shifts....ahhhh....and I feel bad when I say no. But I'm not scheduled to work!! And my bosses keep saying "Well we can't make you come in......" Uggg...its just kinda runied my weekend you know. And this is the first snow/ice storm ever that I didn' t have to work.



Lopez said...

Geesh, I'm sorry that they put you in the position to have to say 'no'. I always feel SO guilty when I say no...it eats at me!


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