Monday, October 19, 2009

Not sure I like where this is going....

So as some of you may already know, and for those of you who don't ... my dad has been in a skilled nursing facility for about 2 months now...he is disabled and has early onset dementia due to a brain injury back in college from a motor vehicle accident...well anyways my mom and I were hesitate on sending him there but the Dr. insisted b/c he had become weak when he had pneumonia. Now my mom told me today that he has plateaued in his rehab and they may be sending home soon...which you would think would be great news ....RIGHT... however my mom and I have come to realize that maybe he needs more care then we can provide. So I couldn't sleep and I started thinking about this stuff....and so I got the laptop and started looking it up....did you know to be accepted into a longterm nursing facility you have have medicaid which is the state insurance - and I was looking up a facility here in Norman that got great ratings and it stated that if medicaid is your insurance to pay for the care that they will use you social security check for your monthly payment. If that is the case then what is going to happen to my mom...she is 66 and in good standing health for the time being but she currently still has to work b/c of all the doctors bills and such. She too relies on my dads SSI check to help pay things off. If she doesn't have that any longer then what??? My family is not a family that has very much to fall back on....gah .... now I think Im even more stressed then I was before b.c my dad needs the help he needs the care... he is at a high risk for falls and depression. He enjoys the skilled nursing home that he is at b/c he socializes he plays bingo, and cards and has little old people to talk to all the time ... he needs that ...gah I hate being a grown up!! It sux!! It sux to have to be making these decisions -- I hate making life decisions they just eat away at me!!

Yours Truly,
Stress Out in Norman


the sweetest girl you know said...

I'm so sorry you're going through all of this... grown-up responsibilities certainly do suck sometimes, I agree. Especially when it comes to watching our family members grow old. I hope you guys get everything figured out.

(Off topic, kind of... you spelled pieces wrong, and it's driving me crazy!)

lindy said...

im so sorry that you are going though this. if you need anything ( i hope you know this alreayd!! :) ) call or txt me. anytime.

i love you and want to help you family get though this anyway i can.



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