Wednesday, October 7, 2009

El Crap-o

So I am laying in bed and I can't sleep... My sleep sched is all jacked up bc I have been working 4p-1a and then last night someone called in sick so I was nice and went into work from 7p-430a w only 4 hrs of sleep under my belt... Blah so I slept pretty much of today and then around 1am tonight I got sleepy came to bed and now here I am blogging at 3:30 in the morning via my stupid iPhone. It a great phone but keeps me up late at night sometimes ...played Bejeweled for about an hour...I'm addicted...downloaded the old school frogger game which I loved as a child.. Much harder to play on my phone then I thought. Ughh- I'm scared I'm getting sick and god forbid hopefully not with the flu....EVERYONE has been coming into the ER with symptoms and alot of our staff has it or has had it bc for some reason they still haven't given us our flu shots yet. My throat is just a tad itchy, my ear hurts and I feel like crap...but it could also be my f'd up sleep too...idk... Just took some benadryl so that should kick in pretty soon - I don't want to sleep all day tomorrow bc I gots a crap.load of laundy to do. Well I guess that's all the bitchin I'm goin to do for now :o)


girlstar313 said...

or i got you sick! with the crap ive had foreeeverrrr :(

i had to post this twice cuz well i dont know. livejournal told me i had to sign in and then poof this lil box was gone. i guess i should just get a blogger or use the one i have but that just seems like a lottt of work! gah


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