Friday, July 30, 2010


Last Saturday I threw my very first wedding shower...and possibly my last! Man oh man was that stressful!! I never knew how much went into throwing a shower.... Luckily I had my bestie Lindy there to help me out as my!! We were on a pretty strict budget of trying not to spend too much money. We decided to make the invites which was fun and they turned out really nice.

Lindy and I both had last Friday off which was super busy of running around and baking and getting things ready. We decided to make Red Velvet Cupcakes which I found a tweaked box recipe here. It turned out really tasty however I would suggest just using a standard cream cheese frosting recipe not the one they have b/c it turned out to be a bit runny. We also just did a fruit tray and some pinwheels and chips and dip. It turned out really well I think.... Afterwards I was exhausted but it was worth it to be able to do that for one of my girls.  

The eating a yummy cupcake!!

I really want to thank Lindy for all her help and for just being her!! I could not have done it with out her!! I also want to thank Brad's mom b/c she let us borrow all her party stuffs, punch bowl, plates, and serving dishes.



lindyc said...

you are awesome! thanks for letting me be involved! i know we has lil spats but it because i love you soo much and i know that if we argue or are a lil mean to eachother it will be resolved soon. you are like my family! :)

i always want to thank brads mom! she was a lifesaverrr!



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