Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Backyard Bliss

So first off I have to inform you that I woke up at 9:15ish this morning and I was standing in the kitchen and there was a loud "POP" outside and I lost all my power....fun...a transformer has blown...but the good news is that its currently 10:43 so about an hour and half and I just saw OG&E drive down my street...yippy!!

any-who I decided to go in the backyard and knock all the ice off the house so my dogs don't get impaled and I took a few pics out there....its kinda creepy b/c the pool tarp is creaking from all the weight of the snow and big ol' snow/ice balls are falling from the trees b/c everything is melting....ugh...

this would be a bush that normally stands as tall at that window behind it and you cant even walk here or you''ll fall in the pool b/c its blocking the sidewalk
again more bent bushes I think they are crepe myrtles ..?
snow...snow...more snow
chubbs loves to pose for pics!

The backyard is a complete mess to say the least......


Lopez said...

Not a complete mess, just white!

Your pool is so close to your house that you could jump from your roof! I wanna come over!

Lopez said...

P.S. i just voted for Been :o)


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