Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm baaaaaack

So I know its been a long time since I've written anything and the only thing I currently have to blame is Farm application on facebook has taken over my life! If your not aware of it then don't ask I wouldn't want anyone else to be subject to this type of addiction.

I did finish my book which I will review tomorrow parents have moved as of late last week....and let me tell you what a pain in my (insert word here) that was/ mother I have decided is a hoarder. She has Rubbermaid tubs of nothing but mail ---

omg a pt just walked by and farted disgustingly stinky --- I'm about to vomit

Anyways back to my mother and her junk. They went from a 2000sqft house to a 1bed apt. and instead of cleaning stuff out b/f the move she decided to take it w/ her so now she has an apt full of boxes and 2 yes 2 storage units. Now I will give her a bit of a break b/c they haven't' moved in 20yrs and I do understand how things can accumulate over time but my goodness... and it is so overwhelming to me b/c I try to be the opposite. I went over there last Friday and tried to help unpack and there is no organization to it at all. So I ended up unpacking a few boxes (throwing out a few things I know she won't miss while I had the chance) and then I was done. I don't know about anyone else but that just gave me too much anxiety ... too much stuff I just didn't know where to start...makes me freak out a bit.

So other than that nothing else has been going on... So the word on the street right now is that Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest -- technically it hasn't been confirmed but TMZ did say that he has died...Normally I wouldn't write about this but the thing is, is that its all the buzz around the ER right now....staff is turning on the news and trying to look it up on the internet...I understand he is the king of pop and some sort of an icon but I don't know I think its weird how people can get upset when famous people pass on ... as if they knew him or something...I guess I've never been that star struck.


the sweetest girl you know said...

I know exactly what you mean! My mom called to tell me the news... I was like "okay, I didn't know the guy".

Lopez said...

I know what you mean about Farm Town...that's a good game, except I think all of my crops have died b/c I've been too busy to check them...oh, and I'm so hooked on Mafia Wars...

Did your parents move closer to you?

I cracked up at your little pause to say that a patient farted. ha ha!


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